Artificial Aquarium N | A Cayway, 14 Pieces Artificial Potted Plants


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These aquarium plants are colorful and vivid, the fish can come and go in the realistic resin wood cave or hide in the broken resin barrel, what a charming and vibrant scene.
Package includes: 1 PCS resin tree trunk, 1 PCS resin double broken barrel, 10 PCS simulated plastic plants in different colors and sizes, 2 PCS coral reefs, enough quantity to make your fish tank full of vigor.
Suitable size: the resin trunk and barrel are shelters for fish to hide or lay eggs, suitable for most small fish.
Simple to clean: Simply wipe down and rinse the tree trunk, barrel and starfish with fresh water when cleaning your aquarium. For plastic plants, put them all in a basin filled with water and stir until the waste is empty.


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