AYIYUN 12 Pack Chew Toys, Small Animal Teeth Toys


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Rabbit chew toys: 12 piece rabbit chew toys set includes 3 molar ropes, 1 strawberry stick, 3 heart-shaped straws, 2 rattan balls, 3 natural bamboo sticks. Natural wooden chew toys prevent boredom and help maintain healthy teeth for your pet.
Great Anti-Stress Gift for Small Pet: Rabbit tooth broiler toys made with eco-friendly material, attractive treat for rabbit or guinea pig, which can help gut motility and digestion to improve their appetite.
KEEP TEETH HEALTHY: This natural bamboo chew toy is perfect for cutting teeth and playing for small animals. and also distract your pet from biting the cage and sleeping bed.
BENEFIT FOR SMALL PETS TO RELEASE STRESS: Great for playing, entertaining and exercising, ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and other small furry critters.


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