MRWiZMS Aquarium Pebbles, Aquarium Decor


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LIFESTYLE: The garden decorative gravel is round and shiny, and has enough irregular shapes, as well as popular natural colors and patterns of various shades. The pebble brings a different visual impression to your life and adds vitality. Any outdoor garden gravel can become a work of art.
IDEAL CHOICE FOR DECORATION: Laying aquarium pebbles on flower pots is not only beautiful and beautiful, but the stones can also reduce splashing when watering flowers. The use of pebbles in the aquarium not only shines but also keeps the water quality clean, allowing the fish to grow healthily. The stones are decorations. Ideal choice.
MULTI-SCENE USE: Home interior embellishment, succulents, garden landscaping decoration, rockery, fish tank aquarium landscaping, succulent potted paving, cactus potted plants, also very suitable for creative crafts and home decoration, brightly colored Japanese aquarium gravel for your decoration new items.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Before using the outdoor garden gravel, rinse the flower pot pebble the shiny color. All stones are naturally shaped and polished, so there may be uneven cracks and small holes on the surface, don’t worry.


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