WAIBBU Castle Aquarium Accessories


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【High Quality】: The decoration of this aquarium lock is made of high quality resin, which is safe, non-toxic and durable. Does not discolor or affect fish and water quality.
【Resin crafts】: Resin crafts placed in the fish tank add natural flavor to the fish tank! Let the fish float freely, the pleasure of which is obvious.
【Easy to clean】: Use a soft brush + clean water to clean the dirt. Long soaking in water will not fade or change color!
【Optimized design】: Careful production, attention to detail, stable resin material, can stand stable.
【Wide Range of Uses】: It can be used to brighten up the aquarium, hide photo props and fish holes, bring luster to your aquarium, add natural colors, and create a natural living environment. Turn your aquarium into a beautiful landscape.


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